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Welcome to Instant Access Premier!

The premier suite of audio, web and video conferencing products in the world today! Maintain and manage your own meeting room and schedule by setting up a time in advance or hold an impromptu session. Simply send out an email invitation and conduct meetings on your own timframe as though all participants are in your local office space. All Premier platforms are fully integrated with Instant Access Premier Audio.



The world's number one web conferencing platform, WebEx allows you to interact with remote team members or clients as if you were face to face. A complete solution with fully integrated Instant Access Premier's audio conferencing.
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Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Pro

The hottest product on the market! Combined with Instant Acess Premier's automated audio services, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro brings convenience and a rich interactive experience to online meetings, trainings, web seminars and presentations.
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Microsoft® Live Meeting
The leading online web event tool! Easily launched from any Microsoft program or application, Live Meeting lets you instantly begin document sharing, recording meetings and interacting with your audience.
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