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Live Meeting Powerpoint Presentation compatible with Office 2007

Live Meeting Powerpoint Presentation compatible with Office 97-03

Live Meeting Overview Brochure

Live Meeting with Audio Integration


Microsoft® Office Live Meeting

Easily launched from any Microsoft program or application, Live Meeting lets you instantly begin document sharing, recording meetings and interacting with your audience.


Standard Features

  • - Personal recordings
  • - Real-time Q&A
  • - Meeting reports
  • - Application sharing
  • - Interactive annotation tools
  • - 24/7 operator assistance




The VisionCast® Difference

VisionCast from Instant Access Premier is provided by Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Whether interacting with a colleague or an audience of thousands, VisionCast allows users to customize the level of interactivity needed with their meeting participants.

VisionCast Meeting

VisionCast Meeting provides an affordable web-conferencing solution for groups up to 125. It is also available by the minute, giving you greater freedom and cost flexibility.

It incorporates several Live Meeting features, but with the added benefit of automatically integrating with Instant Access Premier. Existing customers can use their conference-call bridge number and password.

Instantly schedule Live Meetings directly from your Microsoft® Office Outlook® calendar. Download the Outlook Add-In

VisionCast Auditorium and Event

Perfect for sessions with up to 2,500 participants that require dedicated operators and event management. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Pay-per-call pricing
  • Direct dial-In
  • 24/7 operator assistance
  • Full-service operator assistance
  • No preregistration required

Microsoft Office Live Meeting Microsites

Our products allow you to personalize your conferencing page with your company logo and colors, and even choose your own microsite URL. Train your customers and present product demos with our brand identity front and center.