Instant Access Premier Audio

Standard Features

  • Up to 125 participants
  • Reservationless calling
  • Unique host and participant passcodes
  • Global call capabilities
  • 24/7 operator assistance


Audio Control Features

  • Keypad shortcuts (star controls)
  • Dial-out access
  • Recording and replay on CD & audio file
  • Optional security codes
  • Up to 9 sub-conferences


Web Access Features

  • Online account management
  • Upload and display presentations
  • Individualized audio host controls
  • Active Talker icon identifies speakers
  • Chat and Raise Hand controls

Global Link Communications

Instant Access Premier Audio

Features & Benefits

Audio meetings should be as easy as picking up the phone. Instant Access Premier Audio comes with a dedicated dial-in number and passcode for unlimited reservationless meetings. With web access features and cost-effective pay-as-you-go usage plans, Instant Access Premier is the most user-friendly conferencing service on the market.


Less Conference Call Clutter

Scheduling changes, multiple dial-in numbers and fluctuating passcodes can prevent participants from joining their meeting. Instant Access Premier streamlines the process, saving you time and money — and making your calls more productive.


Greater Usability

When it comes to getting the most out of your communications, count on Instant Access Premier to offer an easy web interface with a variety of call management options and seamless compatibility.


Online Compatibility

Enhance participant audio interactions, upload and show presentations, and more — all from our intuitive web interface. Instant Access Premier Audio is compatible with Netspoke web collaboration and Instant Access Premier event-conferencing products.